National Strafford Webinar: Homeowners Documents for Developers & Project Owners 10:50, November 15, 2019

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National Strafford Webinar: Homeowners Documents for Developers & Project Owners

Specific to Financial Governance, Control, and Liability Provisions

On October 22, 2019, our Managing Shareholder, Ronald Garfield, presented a national Strafford Webinar. The topic was “Homeowners Documents for Developers and Project Owners: Financial Governance, Control, and Liability Provisions.”  The Webinar was well attended and overall reviews and feedback regarding Mr. Garfield’s presentation was above average.  From single-family homes to condominiums, PUDs, and townhouses, project developments by necessity require lengthy and complicated homeowners association documents. For developers and project owners, these founding agreements are critical for the success and profitability of these projects. Tailored and well-drafted homeowners association documents can successfully govern specific property uses, define the services the homeowners association will provide, and address how property owners will govern the association when the developer gives up control. Such documents are also rife with points of potential dispute including construction defects, management fees and control issues. Careful planning and drafting of these documents are essential to the developer successfully exiting the project and avoiding later liability. If you have questions about structuring homeowners associations documents please contact in our Aspen office Ron Garfield (, 970-925-1936, ext. 200) or Chris LaCroix (, 970-925-1936, ext. 204) in our Glenwood office contact David McConaughy (, 970-925-1936, ext. 810) and in our Avon office please contact Kursten Canada (, 970-925-1936 ext. 853) or Tracy Kinsella (, 970-925-1936 ext. 854).