Condominium Obsolescence 16:52, February 4, 2020

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The current issue of the Colorado Lawyer (January 2020, Vol.49 No.1 at page 42) includes an article by Ron Garfield captioned Condominium Obsolescence, The Final Act or a New Beginning. Ron is a founder and managing shareholder of Garfield & Hecht, P.C. Ron has in the past published numerous articles in the Colorado Lawyer of […]

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If you are buying real property, other than a condominium, you should always obtain a survey.  If you are borrowing money for the purchase, the lender will likely require a current survey.  And, the title company will likely require a survey in order for you to obtain title insurance coverage insuring over the pre-printed policy […]

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Right of First Refusal What is a “ROFR”?  The acronym stands for “Right of First Refusal.”  It is an option to purchase real property exercisable by the holder of the ROFR upon an offer to purchase a property made to a Seller by a third party that Seller is willing to accept.  People often confuse […]

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