Condominium Obsolescence 16:52, February 4, 2020

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Author: Ron Garfield

The current issue of the Colorado Lawyer (January 2020, Vol.49 No.1 at page 42) includes an article by Ron Garfield captioned Condominium Obsolescence, The Final Act or a New Beginning. Ron is a founder and managing shareholder of Garfield & Hecht, P.C. Ron has in the past published numerous articles in the Colorado Lawyer of […]

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Specific to Financial Governance, Control, and Liability Provisions On October 22, 2019, our Managing Shareholder, Ronald Garfield, presented a national Strafford Webinar. The topic was “Homeowners Documents for Developers and Project Owners: Financial Governance, Control, and Liability Provisions.”  The Webinar was well attended and overall reviews and feedback regarding Mr. Garfield’s presentation was above average.  […]

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Introduction. This is one of a series of articles available on our website with useful information concerning renting, buying or selling mountain property. Reading any one or more of these articles does not make you a client of this firm or constitute legal advice. These articles are  for educational purposes only and are very general […]

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