Colorado Amends Cure Period for Certain Lease Violations by Tenants 11:06, January 8, 2020

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The Colorado legislature recently amended the Colorado statute relating to a tenant’s ability to cure lease defaults and avoid eviction. Under the amended eviction statutes, Colorado residential tenants will have additional time to cure defaults alleged by landlords. Before the enactment of House Bill 19-1118, a residential tenant generally had 3 days after written notice […]

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Specific to Financial Governance, Control, and Liability Provisions On October 22, 2019, our Managing Shareholder, Ronald Garfield, presented a national Strafford Webinar. The topic was “Homeowners Documents for Developers and Project Owners: Financial Governance, Control, and Liability Provisions.”  The Webinar was well attended and overall reviews and feedback regarding Mr. Garfield’s presentation was above average.  […]

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Introduction. This is one of a series of articles available on our website with useful information concerning renting, buying or selling mountain property. Reading any one or more of these articles does not make you a client of this firm or constitute legal advice. These articles are  for educational purposes only and are very general […]

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