by hking on July 20, 2011

2009 is a revaluation year for real property in Colorado, meaning everyone who owns property in Colorado will be receiving a notice of valuation from their county assessor.  In many cases the property value reflected on the notice will show a dramatic increase from the current assessed value of the property, and may be greater than the market value of the property today.  Property owners are often concerned about the impact of this change on their property taxes and wonder about their rights.

Garfield & Hecht, P.C., established in 1975, has considerable expertise and experience in appealing property tax valuations to assessors, Boards of Equalization, and the Board of Assessment Appeals.

For more information regarding the firm’s property tax appeal practice, please contact one of the following attorneys:

For property in Pitkin County, please contact Greg Gordon at

For property in Eagle County, please contact Kursten Canada at

For property in Garfield, Gunnison, or another Counties, please contact David McConaughy at

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